So far, over 500 people have objected to the application and nearly 2000 people have signed our petition. But there’s still lots to do – the battle isn’t over yet. Hanson’s planning applications for the Westdown super quarry will go to Somerset County Council’s Regulation Committee later this year. 

Join us and make your voice heard

To let your local county councillor know how you feel about the devastating new super quarry as they ask for your vote, click here. For ideas on what you could say in your letter or email and put in your own words, click here.

Object to the 4 planning applications using these numbers: SCC/3795/2021; SCC/3836/2021; SCC/3837/2021; SCC/3838/2021 on the Somerset County Council website here.

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Join us at campaign events such as our quarry nature walks.